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Indigo Education

Indigo Education is dedicated to provide learning foundations and exceptional learning opportunities to children ranging from 2-year-olds, all the way up to adolescence, with a focus on public speaking, emcee training, creative writing, drama and much more. Moreover, we provide admissions consultation services for top private schools in Canada and the US.

Our main purpose is to help children gain confidence, life skills and the foundation they need to succeed later in life. In addition to that, we organize speech competitions, musicals, fashion shows and summer/winter camps all year long. We believe that our children deserve a platform as big as they can dream of, to showcase their talents and what they have learnt from our courses. For more information regarding our upcoming events, please refer to the Events section.

There are many upsides to participating in exceptional learning after school. It is a part of character the building process. Participating in arts and performing arts can vastly improve kids’ strength of body and mind, whether it is through public speaking, musical theatre, rap, or creative writing. Participation in arts allows kids to grow their self-esteem and self-confidence, develop poise, and overcome anxieties. It also allows for deep self-expression from a child’s heart. This process will inevitably influence the children’s growth, and help shape them into well-rounded human beings. There is a old saying in Chinese: Walking ten thousand miles, reading ten thousand books. We encourage kids to reach out and participate in all kinds of activities that will benefit them later in life.

By participating in our programs and events, we are hope that your children are then sharpened into kind, well-adjusted human beings, and thus are put on the right track for the future.



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