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1. Public Speaking Class


Ask your children. Do you wish to excel at all kinds of interviews? Aspire to make your classroom performance and your interaction with teachers more exciting? Would you like to run for the president of the student union? Or becoming the next leader of every social club that you are a member of? How about boost your public speaking ability so that you can make more friends?

If there is at least one Yes to any of the questions above, then please come and join our public speaking classes. This training course, uniquely introduced by Indigo Education Consultants, is now open to the public!

Our teachers are all native speakers with many years of experience in teaching creative writing and public speaking. One of them is a former president of Toastmaster, the prestigious public speaking training organization. She has trained many students in several public speaking contests in Canada and they have won numerous awards. She herself won the speech education achievement award as well as other honours.

This course will train your children to express their own ideas freely and with a constructive voice. They’ll learn to bravely stand on the stage to show different sides of themselves. They will be encouraged to reach their full speech potential and a present themselves with energy. They will feel different about themselves in front of a microphone. Their voice is more powerful than they think!


  • The specific timetable varies for different classes. Please refer to the details of class introduction below.
  • For all our classes, the first class will be provided as a free trial except for the Superstar Public Speaker training.

2. Early Child Education Class

This class is targeted towards students who are in Kindergarten up to grade 3, that want to improve their language skills and other social skills.

In the classroom, students will be taught through tongue twisters, poetry recitations, self-introductions, personal presentations, and mock interviews. These tools all help them open their hearts, overcome their fears and break through the psychological barrier of stage fright. The course will encourage children to open themselves, know better about themselves, love themselves, express themselves, and thus be able to show their multiple facets with self-confidence.

Let your children rapidly boost their language skills through "three forces" - verbal expression, language expressive force, and stage performance, Your children will become a confident individual that is able to stand on stage and show their personal style!


3. Little Public Speakers Training Class


Target: Grade 4 - 7 students

Our classes are taught in various forms ​​by recitation, character dialogue, storytelling, tongue twisters, speech writing, etc.

Our main focus is to help those introverted, timid, less confident students open their hearts, relax and express themselves freely. Our classes also help students who are outgoing, lively, and active to learn to speak appropriately, show their strengths, and realize their full potential. We help our students to acquire the ability and courage to speak boldly and appropriately, so that they are better prepared for secondary school social life. After training, the students are expected to use effective communication skills to build a harmonious relationship with friends and in turn can maybe even become popular.


4. Youth Leader Public Speaking Class

Target: grade 8-12 students

The course will be focused on promoting students’ self-confidence, emotional intelligence, leadership characteristics and eloquence in speech as a whole. By means of public speaking and other related forms, our course helps students improve their intelligence quotient, emotional intelligence, expression and other comprehensive qualities. We cultivate the students’ self-confidence, organizational skills, and language expression to help them excel.

Students are actively involved in classroom discussions, project presentations, community campaigns and more. We are training the students to consider the ability to solve problems independently. They are expected to improve communication skills, to form good communication habits, and to deliver their ideas in a comfortable and smooth manner under all circumstances.


5. Super Star Public Speaker Class

(Classes are flexibly scheduled. An interview is required prior to admission)


Target: tailored for students who have had 2 to 3 years of public speaking experience and are able to confidently express themselves.


Through the training of poetry recitation, monologues, impromptu speeches, storytelling, speech writing, and mock student union election campaigns, this course focuses on the students’ communication skills and speech contest experience.

After our training, the students will be able to express their logic with a clear focus, to deliver speeches more appealing, and to be able to stand on stage with more confident and personal charisma.

At the end of each course, the school will issue a graduation certificate. The students we have trained, have participated in various public speech contests in Canada and many won prizes. The school will also refer the students to participate in various contests and social events accordingly.

For a tailored quote, please get in touch with us.


6. Emcee Training Class



We are extremely knowledgeable about how to become a master of ceremonies. The truth is – to become a good emcee, it takes more than just possessing good public speaking skills. Undeniably, good content is a must in most events, however, packaging the content together, making it flow, and ensuring that the audience is informed and entertained are the some of the many responsibilities of a good emcee. After this course, you can be assured that you’ll be able to better understand the protocol and social etiquette of being a Master of Ceremonies.


7. Creative Writing Class

Learning to write is one of the most important skills kids can learn.  And most kids enter school with an enthusiasm for writing—as a way to express themselves. Creative writing not only allows kids to express their feelings, it helps them clarify their own ideas and beliefs, and discover what they know or think about a topic.

At Indigo Education, we have a creative writing class that caters to the needs of our students. Whether you are a native speaker or a beginner, we will find the right material and methods to motivate our students to improve on their writing skills.



8. Canadian and American Private School Admissions Consultation




Dedicated to help your children achieve their academic dream. With our premiere advisors from top schools, you will be guided through the application process every step of the way.


Step 1: Personalized Candidate Assessment

Step 2: School Selection

Step 3: Application and Questionnaire Preparation

Step 4: Interview Preparation

Step 5: Post-Acceptance Counseling



Public Speaking Class

Early Child Education Class

Little Public Speakers Training Class

Youth Leader Public Speaking Class

Super Star Public Speaker Class